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Renovation Building

Renovations hinge at the modern ideas and specialized information of architects. Their insights span critical regions including strength performance, hearth safety, accessibility, and safety. By integrating these concerns into the maintenance process, architects play a pivotal position in creating areas that are not simplest aesthetically captivating however additionally functional, stable, and sustainable.

Pest control

Our Pest Control service has become the talk of the town, praised for its unparalleled effectiveness and efficiency, making it a top choice among residents. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a holistic approach that combines multiple techniques to minimize environmental impact. Successful pest control contributes to safeguarding public health, protecting crops, and preserving the ecological balance.

Security Division

Ensuring your protection is our top precedence. Our protection guards are pretty trained and authorized in vital emergency response skills, which includes simple firefighting, first useful resource, and green emergency evacuation methods. Rest clean understanding that our crew is prepared to handle any unexpected situation with information and professionalism

Cleaning Services

At BizOne, purchaser delight is our utmost precedence. Our professional housekeeping specialists ensure top-notch carrier for a smooth and cushty environment. By promoting a healthier and more organized environment, cleaning services contribute to enhanced well-being and productivity, allowing clients to focus on their priorities while enjoying the benefits of a spotless space.

Skilled labor supply

Skilled labor comprises workers who have acquired specific skills through training, experience, and knowledge. Skilled labor encompasses people with specialized expertise won through training, enjoy, and understanding. We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled laborers for several major clients

Property maintenance

Property maintenance is the application of cleaning, safety checks, and repairs throughout residential buildings. We provide First Class, High Quality, Reliable & Affordable Building Contract Services. Our skilled professionals handle a wide range of general maintenance issues promptly and effectively. From fixing leaky faucets and faulty switches to repairing

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Company Mission

We aim to be a benchmark of excellence with every initiative, backed by our core values - faith, integrity, respect for diversity, innovation, efficiency, and team spirit. These values will empower us to stay ahead of the competition and achieve utmost perfection.

Company Vision

The ultimate goal of BizOne is to deliver services beyond expectations, ones that are nothing short of incredible.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Having property maintenance issues? Read our helpful FAQ or request a service call.
    How much does your service cost?
    We do not have a set cost for our service. We tend to work with our clients to make sure that they get the most cost effective service and rates are based on their individual needs. We take in to account location, volumes of work and economies of scale when discussing this with our customers.
    Which areas do you cover?
    We cover the whole of the Dubai, we use our own directly employed engineers, and for the rest of the UAE we have a network of contract partners.
    What is the benefit of a service contract?
    Coverage, cost, and peace of mind. For customers that have to work within an annual budget, this simplifies your equipment repair and maintenance costs.
    Do you charge for quotes?
    No, all of our quotations are provided free of charge within 7 days, unless otherwise specified.
    Do you provide emergency service?
    Yes. Call our office and follow the prompts for after hour service calls.